One of Queensland's 150th birthday celebration projects saw every

council in the state contribute two Queensland-shaped tiles to create a

mosaic mural at Brisbane's RNA showgrounds.  One tile was to

represent the past of the region, and the other the future.


I was proud  to be invited to represent Western Downs Regional Council.


more about the Q150 tiles project at



The finished mural





1. The past

'Western Downs artist Carol McCormack created the artwork to reflect significant elements of the area’s history. The white concentric circles symbolise Indigenous history, while in the centre are two simple tools, the axe and the hammer, used by early white settlers to commence the infrastructure of their society. Industry is represented by references to sheep, cattle, grain timber and oil. The people grouped together, women formed clubs and church groups, the men worked in teams. There are family groups and schools are built for the children. Communications are simple, roads, railways, and the party-line telephone. Nature played an important part in the areas history in both positive and negative ways. Brigalow and prickly pear were hard to eradicate and threatened successful agriculture. Strong straight eucalypts have been important sources of timber and some have become so rare they are now protected.'



2. The future


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