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Of this Land


Chinchilla White Gums Gallery July 2006


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now held in private collections.


Barnawatha trio

acrylic on paper

Painting at Barnawatha in northern Victoria meant stepping sideways from the familiar. The palette was subtly different – even after a dry summer the colours were softer than I’m used to at home and of course there are many more hills!



Behind the scene II

charcoal & pastel on paper

Black & white study forBehind the scene.”. Certain places such as this rocky outcrop on the Granite Belt make it easy to believe you are not alone, behind the scene there is another agenda



Broome sunset

acrylic & gouache on paper

Broome lived on its pearling industry for many years. Now tourists enjoy a sunset cruise off Cable Beach in a replica lugger. The ultimate experience for an easterner from western Queensland is the sight of the sun sinking into a molten sea.



Butterfly wings

Watercolour on paper, varnished & mounted on cloth rubbed with natural pigment, stitchery 

This image began as a watercolour doodle on a scrap of paper which reminded me of the shape of a butterfly wing.



Carnarvon Gorge abstract

Acrylic on board mounted on cloth rubbed with natural pigment, stitchery.

More than once on our travels we passed the Carnarvon Gorge area without time to stop – this little abstract is one of several that poured out in frustration after we reached home!



Cloncurry - Mt Isa glimpse IV

acrylic on paper

One of my favourite roads with a thousand different pictures around each corner. Here the bloodwoods are flowering along a shady creek.



Dinnabarraba dancers

Gouache, natural pigment, charcoal on paper

Dinnebarraba Hill looks out over our paddocks. The dog and I spent a very hot weekend painting here one February. I wasn’t pleased with the results and worked from them later in the studio, doing many versions of one composition.



Drought dancing

pastel, graphite on paper

We dance to the rhythm of the seasons. Like it or not, drought is part of the pattern.



Girraween moss

Acrylic on board mounted on cloth rubbed with lichen, stitchery.

Mosses and lichens make fascinating patterns on the rocks of the Granite Belt.



Girraween skinks

Acrylic on board mounted on cloth rubbed with natural pigment, stitchery

At Girraween National Park, I spent some time watching two small skinks sun themselves on the rocks. If you created a shadow over them, they scuttled for cover, and re-emerged when the coast was clear.



Hidden Valley jigsaw

pastel collaged onto coloured rice paper

Another view of Hidden Valley, tucked away behind the township of Kununurra.



Leopardwood jigsaw

pastel collaged on mulberry paper

The leopardwood is one of my favourite trees with its colourful flaky bark. This one is at Myall Park Botanic Garden near Glenmorgan. The work was started in the ‘80s then lost in a tidy-up -  when it re-appeared, a couple of the jigsaw pieces were missing…




charcoal, watercolour on paper

I don’t often use watercolour, but decided it was the way to go to finish a drawing started on one of our bendee ridges many years ago.



Sailing in the sunset

acrylic, copper leaf, collage on paper

Sometimes I get lucky on evening walks down to our dam.



Wild cotton jigsaw

pastel on coloured mulberry paper

Another recently completed pastel from my first visit to Kununurra in 1986. The wild cotton flowers lit up the red rocks of the valley.





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