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Clare Mailler - my daughter spends her time looking after four of our grandchildren's wants and needs,  plus farm work, running a cattle stud and part-time veterinary work. Spare time??? Well, she fits photography in there somewhere! She did her apprenticeship to the SLR camera in pre-digital days, and is now considering some of the possibilities of Photoshop with some great results.

Clare says: 'I'm continually intrigued by the patterns nature creates, and I try to capture these images. Such things as the delicate and intricate designs of a spider's web, the veins on a leaf, or the patterns created by reflections and ripples constantly amaze me. Doing justice to these on film is another matter! I hope that through some of my images you will be inspired to look more closely at the world around you, and gain some pleasure from the small things. They are everywhere, you just have to look.'



Jen McCormack - became an integral part of our family in 2000 and since then has given us three grandchildren and transformed from city girl to busy bushie.  In between mustering, yard work, school meetings, running all over the country to sports with the boys and being a fitness freak, Jen has learned to make beautiful jewellery which is much in demand.

She is an accomplished silversmith and combines silver and gold with semi-precious stones such as corals, pearls, turquoise, jet, jade and crystals to create stunning earrings, necklaces and armware (bracelets, bangles and lovely twisty creations made with silver tubing, stones and memory wire). Her designs are simple and elegant, with an accent on good craftsmanship.



Carol McCormack - they're calling me 'the matriarch' - not sure whether I like that, but perhaps it gives me licence to be bossy...

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