media release

A renovated motel has been made available free of charge

for patients receiving cancer treatment in Toowoomba.


Artists were asked to contribute work to brighten up the interior

and have loaned or donated several works for the public areas.


 I recently completed a frieze for the 70 metre downstairs corridor.



Many thanks to the friends who made it possible to mount and install the 55 metres

of painted panel - Marg who masterminded the procedure with professional flair,

Mavis her offsider, and Chris who provided the necessary blood sweat and no tears.

I hope it will provide residents some interest and pleasure.



The theme is river, and the images show many aspects of life along

 imaginary outback rivers as they pass through changing seasons and different areas.

It can be interpreted through several levels of meaning, and as usual birds and wildlife have crept in.

It might be interesting to pose the question - how many birds appear in the 55 metres of painted canvas?


Here are a few snips (each one approx 240mm x 1m):








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