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Rock of Ages diptych

From Immutable Series (Granite Belt) 1995

The explorer Cunningham spoke of "large detached masses of granite of every shape towering above each other, and in many instances standing in almost tottering positions".

There is something about the rocks. Unchanging, timeless, and yet of the present, they watch, they judge.

The first people, Kambu Wal, were cold here. Did not stay in winter. White settlers had more chance with the gripping chill that permeated these rocks. They were not unused to it. Built rough but solid shelters and wore thick clothes. Grew wool, and later, fruit. And mined.

This was a mineral rich area, tin was the big one, but there were gold, silver, copper, wolfram and more - hidden in, trickling from these great rocks. 

Constructed from fencing wire and chaff bags dyed with natural pigments, these paintings tell some of the story.

The diptych was exhibited in "Thirty" - Flying Arts Inc's 30-year anniversary celebration in 2001, showing at Brisbane's Power House and in Mt Isa



gouache & pastel on paper, mounted on decorated  hessian stretched over wire frame



finished size: 

each piece 700  mm h x  600 mm w