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Beyond the horizon




Joan Baez sings Richard Thompson’s song as we drive north -


“I never could resist a winding road...”
Maybe just around the bend
The rainbow waiting at the end…

We’re in the grip of Wanderlust – an addiction, a feeling that whispers in your ear and drives deep, the maker of nomads forever in the process of moving beyond the horizon.

I’ve led a mobile life, always on the road, droving or driving - now grey nomadding across the outback. The titles of my solo exhibitions tell the tale: Landscapes On The Move, Journeys, More Journeys, Treks, Wanderer…

I’ve tried to capture my excitement at the beginning of our 2018 adventure in this painting. New landscapes – will they be dry, or has it rained? Did you see that flock of budgies, plenty of Bustards this year – and uh-oh, look at that dust, that’s the end of the bitumen…




 acrylic on canvas

finished size: 

915mm h x   406mm w


AUD 950