unsold works are still available
and profits will go to the Garden


the paintings and photographs in this exhibition seem to have flowed from a
deep well of images mentally stored over the years when I was a voluntary
director at the Garden. These were busy years with many duties to
attend to over and above family life on the property, and time spent
 painting was on walls rather than canvas!

myall park botanic garden

             view -  with a finer brush

solo exhibition

August 27 - October 25 2011, Myall Park Botanic Garden, Glenmorgan, Qld


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the paintings

Orange angophora


Rainy day angophora


Angophora grove


Red Angophora


Wandoo 2


Wandoo 1






Children's tree







Lake view

Black and white



the photographs

when co-ordinating the Cyberflora mural on the front wall of the gallery at the Garden, I acquired some basic digital manipulation techniques - very useful for enhancing, combining and collaging digital images.

a limited number of prints  also available unframed

click on an image for enlargement and details


Banksia ashbyi




Tree music


Portrait of the artist


How did the Leopardwood
get its spots?






One tree, four views


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