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Poem for Moll Gorge

Moll in the heat of day shimmers, reflects.

I see you in the shallow cave waiting for me to go,

your face swims in the deep green water with the quick archer fish.

arrows point the way from your place to mine,

from my world to yours -

tell me and let me hear,

show me and let me see.

then listen, look, and perhaps we both shall know


Moll Gorge is a beautiful spot on Mt House Station in the Kimberley, my camp hung over the waterhole, facing the red cliff on the opposite side. Birds and butterflies were everywhere and Archer fish swam in the shallows, aiming spurts of water at flying insects. Just now and then some wire or a fencepost  are reminders of efforts made to tame this land.

 Detail >           


acrylic, collage on 6mm ply with timber edge

 finished size: 

1200 mm h x  1050 mm w

No frame, ready to hang


AUD 2500