a family affair

precious objects, precious moments captured,
precious family links

photography by Clare Mailler    paintings by Carol McCormack     jewellery by Jen McCormack

Surat on Balonne Gallery, Surat, Queensland

April 28 - June 10, 2012


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Carol's paintings

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Mooloolaba - three rainy days 1


Mooloolaba - three rainy days 2


Mooloolaba - three rainy days 3


Mooloolaba sunnyscape 1

Mooloolaba sunnyscape 2

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My mother's house - precious 1


My mother's house - precious 2


Gulf brolgas


Roper - slow burn


Murranji camouflage


Murranji track


Surveying the Big Run - VRD


Murranji flight


Barkly stock route


Breakfast at Mt Elizabeth


Woodgate drawings


Woodgate wetland


Kalumburu Road coucal


Gibb River Road - Pentecost


Gibb River Road - driving to Manning


Gold rush - driving to Hall's Creek



Walking to Wunnamurra


Moon night at Diamantina billabong




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