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They came to the Kimberley


This painting is one of several where I've used the shape of a little tin horse or cow I once found on a rubbish dump at Tanbar Station, a child's toy perhaps, but to me a symbol of the toughness (and pathos) of pioneering families.  Here I tell the story of a family who travelled overland from NSW to the Kimberley with everything they owned, taking three years to do so.  Their trip took one thousand, one hundred and sixty nine days, passing  through a land millions of years old. 

I came to the Kimberley

long ago on a white horse

with visions of grass and castles.

I siezed my fate -

children I brought,

and women and cattle

and  built a kingdom

in this land as old as time


Carol McCormack 1999



acrylic, natural pigment on 6mm ply with timber edge




No frame, ready to hang

finished size: 

600 mm h x  900 mm w