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Western Downs




The nature of the country is wide, open, flat, broken by low rocky ridges and belts of thick timber (now mostly cleared for agricultural use) The bird life is interesting, I have portrayed my friend the Lousy Jack who can be found squabbling in noisy parties almost everywhere in the area. I chose the galah and the bustard because once both were rare here, but as habitats have altered the galah has increased to almost plague proportion chasing grain and other feed we thoughtfully provide, and bustards are now a common sight taking a stately stroll through our pastures. The rivers and creeks are central to our ecosystem. Cropping and grazing vie in several areas with the encroaching march of mining enterprises, seen by some as a dangerous blot on the landscape, by others as a welcome source of alternative income. Over all glow our western sunsets and our blazing starry skies. 





 acrylic on canvas

finished size: 

610mm h x   910mm w


AUD 800

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